My Return

Posted by: Hyperz
Posted 3 months ago (edited)

Well, some of you may be wondering if I am officially "back" or if I am officially "returning" to the development community here on Discord. To answer your question, well, I think it's important to label just exactly what I'm doing here.


I'd like to make it clear that all products I release on this store are here to stay, they will likely never be released for free. This is a way for me to make passive income while living my everyday life outside of computers.


Fixes, releases, suggestions, all of which will be handled in my free-time when I feel like it. I will of course try to release products and updates with no bugs, and do my best to eliminate them all in the testing phase. However everyone knows it isn't always that easy, so I ask that you all be patient with me and when I am available to make changes to my services.


I'm currently trying to learn new technologies, I will then sell the source code to these technologies that I have created on here. While I am doing it a lot for the passive income, I am still putting customer support and satisfaction as my #1 priority in this digital life and business. I have always put my customers and supporters first, from the very beginning, many of them know that.


All of my products will include no license system integrated into the source code. This is to better allow each individual the ability to edit and add to my services. You still CAN NOT resell or redistribute my services backend without my written consent / given permission.


I do not have a Discord server as of right now. This may change later on in the future, however for right now I have no need for a Discord server. If you need support on a product or service that you have purchased, DM me on Discord @ Hyperz#0001 and I will do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. Otherwise you can review my documentation page(s) here which you may get more use out of.

So, am I back in the development community? Kind of. I really only have this for my future, I plan to put customers first still, as always, but I'm not really worried about being the best of the best anymore, now it's just fun for me :]

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