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Hello! I would like to introduce my brand new development Discord, you can find some of my work from the past on my past GitHub accounts, although a new bot called "World Bot" is being released, you can find further information on this bot on the links provided below.

What languages do I know?
➼ JS
➼ Markdown

What can I bring that other development communities cannot?
➼ Professionalism
➼ Unreleased products to excel your community
➼ Rapid response time to assist members
➼ FREE product setup to assist members when they're struggling
➼ FREE external product assistance to assist members again, struggling
➼ Some new, exciting and amazing!

Why not join to even check it out, you might even try and purchase my World Bot!

| Discord: https://discord.gg/fqATxPrJbD
| Website: https://harleyworld.xyz
| World Bot: https://harleyworld.xyz/store/world-bot

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