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Storm Server Hosting, LLC.

Storm Server Hosting, LLC is a hosting service offering four US locations including; North Carolina, Texas, California and New York!. California and North Carolina Locations have network speeds starting at 1gbps and go up to 10gbps while Texas offers network speeds up to 1gbps (with Anti DDOS). We provide many types of hosting such as Web Hosting, Bot Hosting, Virtual Private Server Hosting, and Dedicated Servers!
Locations we offer: Texas, North Carolina, and California

We provide the following services:

We Will Price Match most competitors, and take 10% off their price!

-Fast SSD based storage with RAID Redundancy!

-High Quality 20Gbps DDOS protection on our Los Angeles and New York Nodes, and Anti DDOS in Texas!

-Shared Web Hosting

-Now selling Dedicated Servers!

-Control Panel access for Discord Bot Hosting, and Web Hosting!

-Here at Storm Server Hosting we have quality speedy response times for all issues regarding our services and other issues our customers may have!


Use code HYPERZ for 20% OFF your purchase!
Use code HYPERZ for 20% OFF your purchase!
Use code HYPERZ for 20% OFF your purchase!

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