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HyperDark Package


HyperDark is a mega theme pack that grosses more than just FaxStore. This package includes FaxStore, FaxDocs, FaxUP, and FaxLicense (faxstore). This will allow you to overall brand your entire website around the same theme color. Even if you don't like the dark color scheme, you could still use this as an awesome template with predefined CSS to cover the entirety of all of your websites! This theme was created by a full stack web developer, and is entirely mobile friendly!


  • Ability to render from HyperzCDN themes so it updates live with new FaxStore updates.
  • Provided source code to all CSS theme files for your editing purpose and hosting purposes.
  • Documentation on BOTH manual installation and installation on natively supported theme styling products.
  • Themes cover the entire website with new colors and actions leaving your websites looking clean and fit.
  • Updates made frequently to the theme package.

Example Websites


@Hyperz - Theme creator.


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Full Stack Web Developer - Software Engineer - Graphic Designer. To contact me message me via Discord or Twitter!

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