Looking for something special for your community? Something large enough to manage your user-base but also something easy to setup, use, learn, and moderate? Well look no-further! Community Boards is exactly what you're looking for! With a sleek customizable interface, overall multi-device friendly design, and a well formatted and secure backend, what more could you possibly need! Especially for this price! Other community management systems might charge upwards of hundreds of dollars, some even monthly, while Community Boards aims to meet a reasonable price margin!


This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.


  • Discord oAuth login.
  • Customizable SEO settings.
  • Customizable logo & banner.
  • Customizable user accounts.
  • Customizable static pages.
  • Customizable styling & colors.
  • Customizable navbar buttons.
  • Custom events & socials.
  • Custom gallery images.
  • Create, delete, and update forums.
  • Create threads and applications.
  • Custom activity page.
  • Custom API endpoints.
  • Grant & revoke API keys.
  • Set user birthdays.
  • Live website statistics.
  • Live Discord integration.
  • Add and remove staff members.
  • Add and remove banned members.
  • Purge and reset options.
  • Modals for easier interactions.
  • Search bar on every page.
  • Redirect URLs for 3rd party services.
  • Pin topics at the top of a category.
  • Delete topics and comments.
  • Logged community updates.
  • Logged user updates.
  • Logged user punishments.
  • Logged user topics.
  • Logged user comments.

Planned Features

  • Certain roles can view certain threads / apps. (/forum/c/:category/view/:appType)
  • Integrated Status Page.
  • Integrated Discord Bot.
  • Add / remove staff from Discord.
  • Ban / unban website users from Discord.
  • Logging of staff events to Discord.
  • HamzCAD Integration.
  • FaxCAD Integration.
  • SonoranCAD Integration.
  • SonoranCMS Integration.

Community Boards — $34.99



@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.


Those that use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting will get the opportunity for your products to be installed entirely FREE OF CHARGE by Hyperz#0001 himself the first time, on a Virtual Private Server. This allows for minimal setup bugs, and easy work for you! All you will have to do is fill out the configuration file to how you like it, send it over, and Hyperz will do the rest!

Use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting today, then create a ticket in the Discord server to claim your free setup!

View our documentation here.

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Product: Community Boards 5/5

“Hyperz is an absolutely amazing creator! His products are great and work perfectly. If you have a problem he will take time out of his day and go out of his way to h”Savage

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