Looking for a tool that allows other users to check if users have access to remove your credits? Well you're in luck, this super simple sub-domain addition to your FaxStore V2 website will allow any public user to search a users Id and see if they own your credit removal package/product! This is super useful to avoid 100's of users messaging you asking if a certain someone was given permission to remove credits from one of your products. Now they can simply go search to see if they own the product or not directly from their FaxStore V2 account page. This helpful tool syncs right up to the FaxStore V2 database as-well, so there is no external databasing that needs to be done!

Disclaimer: This can technically be used to check if a user owns any FaxStore V2 product, it is just designed originally for credit removal packages. Feel free to purchase it and modify it to better suit your needs!



  • Checking Users,
  • ExpressJS Framework.
  • Denied & Granted Displays.
  • Direct Links to Discord Accounts.
  • MySQL Connection to FaxStore V2.
  • Public to anyone.
  • Mobile Friendly.

Credit Authenticator — $4.99


@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.


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