Owning this item in your account allows you to "bypass" the terms of service regarding credits, and REMOVE the credits to ANY PRODUCT. When removing them, you must remove them all-together, however you are required to abide by the terms stated below when using this service.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must remove ALL of the credits, not just bits and pieces.
  • You may NOT add/replace the credits with anything or anyone.
  • If somebody asks who created the product, you must either A) Not answer the question. or B) Tell them who actually made it (Hyperz Development).
  • Some products may list Credit Removal Voided, this means you may NOT use this license to remove that product's credits, meaning that product does not allow credit removal via this license.
  • Removing the credits of products must still be done manually by you (the product owner). This license is STRICTLY FOR YOU, you may NOT allow others to remove the credits just because you own the license.
  • We are not responsible for if you break any part of the product you are editing, you are doing this at your own free will.
  • You are still required to ask for permission via a ticket in our Discord server to edit any other part of a product(s) internal code.
  • All regular Terms & Conditions still apply.


With this, you are still the one responsible for actually removing the code for the credits, we will not do it for you, in most cases the credits can be found in any of these 3 places: interactionCreate.js, Client.js, credits.js. Please remember to abide by the terms stated above when editing the code.

A users right to remove credits can be checked at anytime via our credit auth tool.

Credit Removal — $49.99


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