Back in 2021 Hyperz Development released a product that grew widespread across 100's of communities and 100's of thousands of users. We are talking of-course, about HypeBot. The all out, and one of the most advanced Discord Applications money could buy, prices ranging from around $30-$50 for a copy of it. As time went on, and Hyperz#0001 closed Hyperz Development, new competitors arouse from the floor. They without a doubt took the throne for bots that are mostly used throughout the communities.

HypeBot was great for it's time, it held things down well, stayed secure, and overall had a sleek and fitting design to it. The downsides were simple, it had a 500 line configuration file, and it was not multi-guild. Dark Bot was coded from the ground up, we compiled a 500 line config file, into 40 lines, moved everything over to per-guild based settings, created interactive menus, and got rid of all of the bloat code.

HypeBot wasn't as great as it was originally set out to be. With time, comes knowledge and wisdom. With trust comes honor and respect. Hyperz Development strives to be the greatest, we always have, and we always will. Through customer satisfaction being our #1 priority, we will continue to top our current competitors, take in suggestions and constructive criticism, and we will continue, to be better.


Currently we are working on a multi-language feature for Dark Bot!

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese simplified
  • Chinese traditional
  • Polish
  • Korean


  • Multi-Guild
  • Slash Commands
  • Ephemeral Option in config
  • Advanced Settings
  • Easy Permissions
  • Precise Logging
  • Level System
  • Birthday System
  • Fun Module
  • Alt Prevention
  • Server Lockdown
  • Server Stats
  • Information
  • Filter System
  • Giveaway System
  • Sticky Messages
  • Ping Prevention
  • Marriage System
  • Auto Response
  • Auto React
  • Verification System
  • Optional Captcha Verification
  • Welcome Module
  • Leave Module
  • Auto Role System
  • Review System
  • Client System
  • Applications System
  • Moderation System
  • Economy System
  • Ticket System
  • Self Roles System
  • Voice Activity Logs
  • Discord API Games

Dark Bot — $24.99


@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.
@Sin - Design idea for music system.
@PlutoTheDev - Design idea for review system.
@NAT2K15 - Design idea (partially) for application system.

@Hyperz Development Team - Certain modules and primary ideas.


Those that use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting will get the opportunity for your products to be installed entirely FREE OF CHARGE by Hyperz#0001 himself on a Virtual Private Server. This allows for minimal setup bugs, and easy work for you! All you will have to do is fill out the configuration file to how you like it, send it over, and Hyperz will do the rest!

Use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting today, then create a ticket in the Discord server to claim your free setup!

Documentation can be found here.

User Reviews

Product: Dark Bot 5/5

“This bot is amazing. Everything I was looking for and more! Great job mate.”Hanover

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Product: Dark Bot 5/5

“This is an amazing product, no flaws, no issues, no bad marks. Hyperz, you've outdone yourself here mate!”Noremac

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Product: Dark Bot 5/5

“Love this bot it works great for all my utility needs!!!!!!!!!”Thomas T. | Fire Modifications

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Product: Dark Bot 5/5

“I love this bot, slash commands are sexy but dont get me started on the Features .. Perfect bot. Love ya hyperz :)”Jarad

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