Looking for something that will allow your community to step it up a little on the application process? No? What about a simple way for people to fill out applications? Still no? Well, how about just looking to ditch the old overused business model of Google Forms... Hyperz Development Forms System is here to help! With a sleek and uniquely designed system you can now manage your forms and applications with ease!


This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.


  • Sleek & unique design theme.
  • Entirely mobile friendly.
  • Discord Login Integrated.
  • Change settings from the admin panel.
  • Form creation directly from the website.
  • Unlimited forms.
  • Unlimited questions.
  • Integrated Discord Bot.
  • Integrated Discord Channel Logging.
  • Optional Whitelisting system for only your community.
  • Add & Remove Administrators.
  • Add & Remove Banned Users.
  • View & search submitted forms via User Id.
  • Form Management with changeable webhook and default status.
  • Account panel to see your submitted forms.
  • Form replies from staff.
  • Ability to update and delete submissions.
  • Audit logs for tracking changes.
  • Discord notifications to users on their submissions.
  • Configurable background & logo images.

Forms System


@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.

@Hamz - Inspiration.


Those that use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting will get the opportunity for your products to be installed entirely FREE OF CHARGE by Hyperz#0001 himself on a Virtual Private Server. This allows for minimal setup bugs, and easy work for you! All you will have to do is fill out the configuration file to how you like it, send it over, and Hyperz will do the rest!

Use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting today, then create a ticket in the Discord server to claim your free setup!

User Reviews

Product: Forms System 5/5

“Best form systems yet. If you get tired of using google for a and what your own custom form system use this. Great support! Also hyperz is the best! ❤️”Xolify

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Product: Forms System 5/5

“Awesome System And Works With Ease. Easy Install And Setup, Hyperxz Went Out His Way And Did This!! - Nova”Nova SS

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