Looking for a website to better enhance your freelance business? What about just something that helps you stick out from others? Well, we have just the thing for you! This is our one of a kind portfolio website! Portfolio Website allows you to showcase your past, present, and future projects, answer any questions your community might have, and give a description about yourself while also linking all the important stuff right on the same page! Even Hyperz#0001 uses this portfolio website!


This is a Node.Js based website and requires a server to be ran. This will not run on common 'Shared Hosting' plans.


  • Everything is easily configurable in a config file.
  • Has configurable redirects for stuff like /discord and /youtube.
  • Unlimited FAQ questions.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Customizable images.
  • Customizable colors.
  • Customizable icons from FontAwesome.
  • All text can be changed in the config file.
  • No publicly displayed credits.

Portfolio Website — $14.99


@Hyperz - Actually writing all of the code.


Those that use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting will get the opportunity for your products to be installed entirely FREE OF CHARGE by Hyperz#0001 himself the first time, on a Virtual Private Server. This allows for minimal setup bugs, and easy work for you! All you will have to do is fill out the configuration file to how you like it, send it over, and Hyperz will do the rest!

Use code HYPERZ at checkout with Storm Server Hosting today, then create a ticket in the Discord server to claim your free setup!

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