Because we believe in protecting developers work and keeping it fair to ALL DEVELOPERS, the code for this program has been obfuscated to avoid easy breaches from potential malicious users. There is no need to see the code anyways, as it works as it should. That's what matters.

It is highly suggested that you know how to code before you start encrypting, compiling, and overall making code harder to read. We will not offer support for your personal products. We have a decently sized documentation with key features and links back to further placed modules that should allow you to read up and be filled in easier. THIS IS JUST A COMPILER AND INTERPRETTER!

This program is a tool that compiles NodeJS code and files to a specific language that can then be interpreted by the Verbatim NPM module (here). This allows developers to further in-depth encrypt their code, license systems, credits, and more stopping users from coming in and removing and ripping their services and software.

Verbatim is a Latin term that stands for "in exactly the same words as were used originally".

Please note: This program WILL NOT DECRYPT OR DECOMPILE files. This is strictly for compiling and encrypting. It's 100 levels above JavaScript obfuscation and it isn't even very slow! You may be able to run other encrypted files with this tool, however no guarantees are made.

Documentation: here

Verbatim App — $9.99


@Hyperz - Physical Programming.
@FAXES & @PlutoTheDev - Inspiration and idea for custom file formats and encryption techniques.

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Product: Verbatim App 5/5

“I’ve been looking for an encrypter like this since I looked at faxes products and saw he has a high level encryption it’s awesome and if someone gets through this en”Hyperscale

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